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Pictures of Lily is a London based fashion accessories brand producing warm, playful stories printed on 100% natural silk. Each luxury scarf within our collection is made from 100% eco-friendly silk and decorated with vivid prints of nature and exotic fantasy.

Our unique collection of luxury scarves were inspired by a mixture of Greek Mythology and Japanese woodblock art prints and reflect vivid images of nature and exotic fantasy. We believe that bold is beautiful and that a timeless precious gift that stands out should be for everyone. Therefore we carefully craft this philosophy into every unique piece we create.

Each item provides a delicate, lightweight touch that is both comfortable to wear and offers many functional wrapping styles.

Eco- friendly

Boxes to Shine

Our bespoke boxes are made from recycled materials, and we support eco-friendly packaging. 70% less energy is needed to recycle paper and reuse it compared to making it from raw materials.

Orange Flower

Eye catching colours

Find & create the perfect luxury gift at Pictures of Lily London.Nothing beats the feeling of giving someone a timeless gift that they’ll truly cherish. Perfect for any size or age. The slightly sheerfinish looks beautiful draped over a neutral dress or blouse.


A chic foulard or a scarf?

These beautifully custom printed scarves are light, airy and silky to the touch. Specific designs are available in two different sizes.

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